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Hormone Healing Mini Meditation Series

The Hormone Healing Mini Meditation Series is designed to help you heal your body, mind and soul. These three episodes are meant to be done while you are in motion, specifically walking, as often as you’d like.

The reason you are in so much discomfort is because you are out of flow with your body. You’re disassociated with her, her needs, how she feels. We can only live so long out of sync with our body before it rebels, and cries out with the many symptoms you are experiencing in pre and post menopause and the deeper disarray of your hormones.

The path to energy, to the body, the calm that you desire, begins with permission, than awareness, connection, fulfilment and finally, surrendering to your results.

If you’re here, than that means you’re ready to start your journey. You’re giving yourself permission to put energy towards yourself and your healing.

This mini series of meditations are a commitment to that permission and will help you further the awareness and connection to your body.