$297.00 USD

Hormone Healing Analysis

You are exhausted, frustrated and sick of feeling the way that you do in your body...nothing is working, and that is because everything you try is made generic for the average human.

However YOU are in peri-menopause and your body, your hormones, your metabolism, your life, are all UNIQUE. You need a customized plan that is designed for you and will work for YOU. 

What you'll get:

  • A 90 minute hormone and metabolic analysis call to determine your exact goals, lifestyle challenge and hormone imbalance. 
  • A customized strategy that you can implement and confidently get results in weight release and energy. 
  • A 30 minute follow up call within 3 months to tweak your strategy and elevate your progress. 


What People Are Saying:

I am someone who always felt young both physically and at heart. But all of a sudden at 46 years old I felt old. I was waking multiple times through the night with my heart racing. I was having night sweats. I felt as though there wasn’t anything MORE I could do to feel like me again. My energy was so poor that I had lost all interest in continuing with any fitness regime. I had been following Bria for some time and have been a frequent flyer in her challenge programs. When I heard her speak about going through very similar issues I reached out. I have learned so very much from Bria while working with her. And my results are life changing. I sleep through the night, my night sweats are gone, my energy is through the roof and I FINALLY feel like myself again.


To have someone hold you accountable and help you through the grey areas of peri- menopause was a huge relief. Within the first 4 days I felt a difference with small changes. It’s worth investing in yourself to make lasting changes to your physical changes but mostly your mental changes and habits. I would highly recommend Bria, she has empathy and has walked the walk. I appreciated her honest feedback and kind but firm motivation. It’s worth the experience and I’m happy I found her podcast.