Ditch the cravings and stop feeling like you have to starve yourself to lose weight!

Nutrition Made Easy

In Just 3 Days


In The Challenge You Will Learn:


The first and most important nutrition step to create a solid foundation for your hormones.



Why knowing your metabolic type will make nutrition so much easier (and a quick at home test you can do to know!)


Where to start with your personal macro ratio for your body so you are never struggling with cravings.


How to track and tweak for just one week so that you know exactly what nutrition is best for you.


How to adapt your plan for your cycle, fat burning or muscle building as your goals change.



Here's What You Can Expect To Receive When You Join:

Over 600 Women Have Gone Through The Make Nutrition EASY In Perimenopause (and menopause) Challenge!

Here is what they are saying...


Are you ready to FINALLY master your nutrition in 3 days?

Let me be your personal guide in finally knowing what the best nutrition plan is for you in perimenopause and beyond! Nutrition is one of the most important ways I keep my hormones balanced and achieve the weight loss or muscle building goals that I have, and I want that for you too…so let’s make it simple!


A Note From Bria...

Perimenopause is the longest and most significant hormonal shift in your life and will determine how you feel in your body for your next chapter. Isn’t it time you understood how to make it work for you instead of against you?

If you didn’t know before, you do now → your hormonal health is 100% responsible for your energy, your sleep, your healing, your confidence and clarity, your libido and your ability to burn fat and build muscle. And yet few women understand what is actually happening in perimenopause and how to thrive in their hormones instead of feeling stuck and hopeless.

The strategy for feeling amazing is not one you have ever been taught. If you’re willing to spend 60 minutes to discover what is happening during this hormonal shift and how to actually heal and work with your hormones, I promise to let you in on the most up-to-date and effective strategies you can use to have more energy, fewer symptoms and a better body than you did you in your 20’s.

Following this masterclass, you won’t need to google your symptoms with no clear answers, feel frustrated, lost or stuck as you navigate perimenopause. You’ll simply follow the proven steps I lay out for you — and unlock the healing, energy and results that are already within your body. Click here to choose a time that works for you  »

See you there!

XO Bria