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I’m Bria 

And if you landed here, I'm going to bet that you’re probably feeling like you should feel better in your body than you do right now. 

Whether you have no idea what perimenopause is (but feel like you are there), are completely sidelined by weight, sleep, period and energy issues or just feel a bit off and want to make sure you are doing what you can to thrive in midlife, you are in the right place.  

So welcome and get ready to get access to the FREE resources, trainings, and action steps necessary to build a body in midlife that sleeps well, has great energy + libido and one that feels like YOU. 

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I’ve been where you are…

Trying every workout program, diet plan and googling symptoms in the middle of the night with zero results and pants that keep getting tighter. 

After years of falling asleep on the couch at 7:30pm, only to wake up in a sweat at 2:00am, heavy periods, intense PMS and going to the doctor only to be told I was the picture  of health…

My 40-something-year-old body is now leaner than it has ever been, I have more energy than I did in my 20's, I sleep through (most) nights and my period is like clockwork.  I’ve served hundreds of women struggling with hormonal chaos in perimenopause and menopause AND my podcast, The Period Whisperer, is a top wellness podcast in the world. (This is what you can do when you have energy!)


Understanding Perimenopause. Starting with inflammation, Healing and Repairing Function and Optimizing Hormones. 

It’s the simple proven formula I love to teach women because it gets results every time without adding more to your todo list. 

Want to  learn more about how to start to have good hormones, better energy and your best body?





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The Period Whisperer

A place where you are finally seen. 

Expert guests in women's health, detailed step by step strategies, and real answers to questions you have been googling…

It's simple explanations with real support that finally makes sense of what has felt so confusing for so many women from someone who has been there and gets it. 

It’s no wonder The Period Whisperer Podcast has reviews that say "I finally feel like I am not alone" and "like the words you are saying are me" for thousands of women like you, it's a place to be seen, get answers, and finally relief. 

Hey Sister,

I'm Bria - The Period Whisperer

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Perimenopause & Menopause Expert, and I am obsessed with helping women in midlife understand AND heal their hormones so that they can unlock the body, energy and life they know in their gut that they are missing out on. Let's get you being more in your life and not just less on a scale.