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Learn How To Work In Flow With Your Female Hormones, NOT Against Them So You Can Improve Your Energy Levels, Achieve Consistent Weight Loss Results. 

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From The Desk Of Bria Gadd

As a holistic health coach and personal trainer, for the last 10 years I have been helping women understand their bodies, why they are so unique and amazing plus uncovering WHY the mainstream health industry may actually be damaging your body.

If you are a pre-menopausal or menopausal woman who feels like their body has betrayed them, ask yourself:
  • Do you feel like a shell of your former self and are now struggling with everyday life?
  •   Do you constantly feeling tired, waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep?
  • Have you stopped seeing results with your weight loss and can’t seem to shift weight, particularly around your waist?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions... 

Then I Want To Invite You To The 'Hack Your Hormones Event' 

...Where I'm going to reveal how you can rebuild your relationship with your body, learn to trust what it's telling you PLUS how you can turn back the clock and feel better than you did 10 years ago!

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How I went from feeling terrible and let down by my body

To 'Winning It Back' And Feeling 10 Years Younger...

I was part of the health and wellness industry. I was helping women lose weight and feel better about themselves and I managed to help a lot of people…

But I was mostly prescribing the conventional calories in vs calories out type nutrition plans and the usual tough workout regimes.
Then my whole world changed after I had my second child…
Naturally, I was not in my best shape after giving birth and, as I had always done, I wanted to go straight back to my usual workouts and diet, so I did.
But after a few weeks, I noticed something strange happening…

The workouts and nutrition plans I had always relied on, 

Suddenly Stopped Working.


All my progress in losing my baby weight and getting back in shape came grinding to a halt…

I had to work much much harder to achieve less than I used to. It didn’t make sense to me… This hadn’t happened after my first child. What had gone wrong?
Things went on like this for a while and then something else happened… I noticed a pattern with my clients who were between 35-55. They were also struggling to get results with their weight loss, finding themselves fatigued all the time and having sleep issues, to name a few.
Truthfully, I did not fully understand what was going on with my clients and I at this time. But we all pushed through regardless and kept banging our heads against the walls...

Then 4 Years Ago My Whole World Started To Fall Apart…

It started small and if I hadn’t been someone in tune with my body and whose job was looking after people’s wellness, then I may have never even noticed.

But I started feeling really really off…
First I noticed a huge dip in my energy. I had always been an energetic, full of life person. But suddenly I was struggling to get out of bed and get my work done…

That's when I noticed a slow but steady weight gain.

Then Brain Fog And A Lack Of Concentration…

I started waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. This was particularly upsetting because I knew how important good sleep is and it had always been one of my superpowers, up to this point.

On top of all that my periods and PMS were much worse than they had ever been…
I started to form an idea of what might be going on.
Perhaps I was going through early menopause?
So, Stressed And Anxious, I Went To See My Doctor

I told her every single detail about what I had been going through and what I suspected it might be…

So we did some tests and I waited anxiously for the results, pretty certain at this point that I was going through my menopause.

But The Results That Came Back Were Even More Disappointing…

I was the picture of health. According to my Doctor, there was nothing wrong with me. This made me even more frustrated and confused. What was going on in my body? I knew I shouldn’t feel like this!

Perhaps this was it, this was just what I had to deal with from now on?
But I decided I wasn't going to give up. I wasn’t going to accept feeling like a shell of my former self!

So Over The Following Year I Dove Headfirst Into Everything That Could Possibly Help Me Get To The Bottom Of It:

  • Chinese medicine
  •  The female hormone cycle
  •  Gut health
  •  Kinetics of the female body
  •  Hormone rhythms
  •  And much, much more...

This Is When I Had My Big Breakthrough

Above all else, learning about the unique female hormone rhythm opened my eyes to what had been going wrong in my body and why I had felt so terrible, despite seemingly doing everything right.

I learned how for several years leading up to menopause, the female body is under a lot of stress. And in an effort to fight that stress, our hormones often become drastically unbalanced. 
So I started to learn how to work in line with my hormonal rhythm to lower my bodies stress levels… 

It Was As If A Weight Was Lifted Off Me Almost Instantly!

  •  My energy came flooding back

  • My sleep was uninterrupted again

  • I finally was able to shoot the stubborn weight around my tummy

  • My brain fog disappeared and my concentration was back

I Need This!

It Was Amazing. I Felt Like I Had Been Brought Back To Life!

I knew immediately what my next step had to be!

I had to get the message out there to other premenopausal women who were suffering like I had been!
So for the last few years, I have worked hard to refine my knowledge and to help get what I have learned in front of as many women as possible.
I want to teach you to work in flow with your unique female hormones, not against them by doing the tough workouts and diets the mainstream fitness and wellness industry tells you to.
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The 10 Hacks To Balance Your Hormones And Get Back To Results Virtual Event!

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Here's A Sneak Peak At What You'll Be Learning During This 2 Day Event

DAY #1: What's Really Happening In Your Pre Menopause Body That No One Is Talking About

Most of what we experience in our bodies we are told is just 'normal'... hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, irregular periods. WRONG. On Day 1, I'm going to reveal what is really happening in your body during Perimenopause and the steps you can take to start feeling better THIS WEEK.

DAY #2: 10 Hacks To Work In Flow With Your Female Hormones, NOT Against Them

Small shifts to improve your hormonal health can make a BIG difference to your life. On Day 2, I'm going to reveal the 10 hacks you can start implementing right away to unstress your body and get better results with less effort.

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