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Discover The Hormone Healing Secrets That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

All By Giving Up Diet Trends and ACTUALLY See The Results You've Been Searching For.
Join Midlife Mojo!

What You'll Get When You Join:

  •  3 Phases Guaranteed to Help You Release Weight and Heal Your Hormones
  • Private Onboarding Call
  • Weekly Live Q+A 
  • Support Group
  • Your Mojo Road Map
  • A Mojo Tracker
  • Sample Meal, Sleep, Nutrition and Movement Plans
  • Lifetime Access

Join Midlife Mojo To Gain

12 Weeks Of Results

Unlock Your Inner Mojo & Release Weight in 12 Weeks


  • You're a woman  between the ages of 35-55
  • Are struggling with unexplained weight gain
  • Have tried to release weight with tools that used to work but aren't anymore
  • Are struggling with bloating, heavy periods, night wakings, fatigue, cravings, moodiness, anxiety
  • Are consumed with how they feel in  their body 


  • You have known diagnosed medical conditions that are being treated by your doctor
  • Believe the only way to lose weight is through calorie restriction and extreme exercise 
  • Aren’t willing to carve out daily time to commit to your own healing

These Could Be Your Results

 "It has been nearly 8 months since I started your program, I have been embracing all that you taught me and I’m down 25lbs!"

- Kelsey

"I was skeptical of the process but I stuck with the formula and dove into all the resources, live coaching calls, and podcasts. Today I feel great in my body! After around 6 months of "sticken' to it" the weight has released (I refuse to get on the scale so not sure of a number).  I have energy, sleep through the night, and I am much more pleasant to be around. So...stick to the process! I remember a live coaching call with Bria and my goal was to fit into my pre-Covid work clothes, well they fit! But most importantly I feel great!"

- Margo

I couldn’t be more appreciative of the experience. It came to me at the right place and right time and I truly feel that working with you gave me back my spark; that light inside of me that had dimmed, making me feel lost and without confidence. It gave me the time and supportive space to just breathe and let go.

- Erin Walduck

Frequently Asked Questions

It Isn't just what you will learn, it is what you will gain. Midlife Mojo will help you:

  • Understand what is causing your hormonal chaos 
  • Eliminate and Heal Inflammation in your body
  • Optimize your metabolism 
  • Shift into fat burning
  • Release the weight
This is the most comprehensive program for understanding, healing your body, optimizing hormones and achieving weight release in perimenopause.

Midlife Mojo not only shows you exactly how to know and heal your body like a pro — but how to get it into fat burning and beyond every time.

You are guaranteed to release weight in this program. If you don't, I will happily give you your money back. I believe so strongly in this tried and true method that I know it will help you heal your hormones and feel good in your skin.

This is a 12-week program that works through three phases, each one building on the last. 

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Guaranteed To Help You Lose Weight in 12 Weeks!

If You Don't, You'll Get Your Money Back.

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