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Finally, A Clear Path To More Energy, Better Sleep, Peaceful Periods & Weight Release, Without Wasting Time Feeling Stuck

The perfect stepping stone and on-going coaching space you’ll ever need to start your hormonal health journey and stay on track through perimenopause and beyond.

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What You'll Get Inside

The Perimenopause Posse

Live Coaching

Monthly Cutting Edge Training and live Q&A With Bria To Get And Keep You Motivated.

P4 Formula

A Simple, 4 Step Proven Strategy To Take The Guesswork And Googling Out Of Getting Results.


Hormone Recipe Index And Challenges To Hold You Accountable.

Bonus Resources

Hormone Resource Library. Your go-to for additional hormone tips, perimenopause struggles and toolkits.


Master a proven, female focused,  hormone rebalancing framework.


Get your individual questions answered on live monthly coaching calls.


A community of women with you for connection and support.


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Maybe Something Worked For You In The Past, But Now NOTHING Is Working


  • You find it impossible to be consistent.
  • You're struggling with low energy levels, cravings, moodiness and digestive issues, brain fog, and PMS.
  • You are beginning to wonder if you are just getting old.
  • You're starting to believe that life will always be this way.
  • You spent your entire life believing what culture tells us,
  • Thinking that that calories in vs. calories out is the path to weight loss and feeling good about yourself.
  • Everything you've done in the past is no longer working...and maybe it never really worked anyway. 


It's not YOU. It's diet culture and our lack of understanding of the female body, but you don't have to stay stuck.


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How You Can Expect To Feel...

Shirine Gordon

" Within the first 4 days I felt a difference with small changes!"

Donna Duckworth

"The by-product of all of this is you start feeling the inflammation drop, seeing the weight drop and your energy rise."


Shannon Boakes

"Bria’s unique formula for helping restore balance during peri menopause is truly magical."

4 Steps To Heal Your Hormones And Metabolism So You Can Feel Better Than Ever In Perimenopause And Beyond

Diet and wellness culture the way you knew them in your 20's and 30's were appealing becuase they gave you a clear formula for results, plus accountability. But it is no longer working for you so you HAVE to leave it behind. THIS is why I made sure to have all of the KEY ingredients for success inside of the Posse. A proven formula for results, both community AND coach support LIVE plus you learn how to undersatnd your OWN body so you are no longer having to look outside of yourself for answers. 


Hi, I'm Bria:

Body consciousness and hormone balancing is my proven way to maintain a body and life I feel good in at any age...but I used to be exactly where you are.


 I just kept struggling with exhaustion, weight gain and brain fog no matter how hard I pushed myself in workouts and "clean" eating. I felt exhausted, depressed and hopeless...until - through research and trial and error - I learned what no one is teaching women. That our bodies CAN feel amazing at any age, but work completely differently than mens. So we have to treat them differently to get results...if we keep doing the same things, we will keep feeling worse, which does a number on our confidence and self esteem. 

This is why I created The Perimenopause Posse. So that no woman has to figure all of this out alone.

Ready To Dive In Sis?

If you’re thinking YES PLEASE!! Pick the price point you like best and get immediate access to over $5,000 worth of materials and support to heal your body and master your perimenopause!

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  • Quarterly Hormone Reset Challenges
  • 1 live call every month
  • Hormone friendly recipe index and meal planning tips
  • A full resource library of info & training
  • A members-only community for support & guidance
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  • 4 Months Totally FREE!
  • Quarterly Hormone Reset Challenges
  • No cancellation fees
  • Full, instant access to all instructional videos & tools
  • 1 live call every month
  • Hormone friendly recipe index and meal planning tips
  • A full resource library of info & training
  • A members-only community for support & guidance
  • Cancel anytime
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Frequently Asked Questions

As you enter perimenopause, around age 35, your hormones shift from ovarian to adrenal control. This makes your body more susceptible to stressors like lifestyle habits, diet, and past traumas. These strains often manifest as weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, brain fog, fatigue, and mood irregularities.

The P4 formula is designed to tackle these challenges, helping you manage stress and inflammation through better lifestyle choices, and equipping you to address unresolved emotional issues. This creates room for your body to heal, restore balance, and facilitate weight loss.

Get your life back on track with the P4 formula.

Yes! The P4 formula is an  ENTIRELY different approach to weight release and energy gain than what culture tells us. 

With my specific framework, you’ll learn the strategy AND mindset work paired with knowledge of female physiology that will heal your hormones and your metabolism and have you feeling better than you have in years. PLUS you will learn to do it by adding LESS to your life, not more.

There are no refunds on memberships. However you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not the right fit (but I am confident it will be sis!)

Yes Please! We have Posse members from all around the world! If you can’t make a group coaching call live it will be recorded. You won’t miss out!

Not to worry sis! Shoot an email to [email protected] and let’ s chat!


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