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  • Fire Flow Challenge Book

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So, What Do You Get Inside?

The ultimate self guided blueprint to understand your body, know what it is saying to you and balance your hormones yourself as well as a step-by-step a plan to achieve all of your fitness, nutrition, weight loss and energy goals!

Here's everything you are going to learn...

 The Blueprint

 ​The SSHE Road Map


 ​For Non Bleeders

 ​Circle of Life

 ​Primary Food

 ​Infradian Rhythm

 ​The 4 Pillars of Health

 ​How to Use your SSHE Tracker

 ​3 Systems of Stress

 ​What Your Period is Telling you


 ​Main Focus & Next Steps

 ​4 Seasons of your Cycle

 ​Deep Dive in Rest

 ​Deep Dive into Nutrition

 ​Deep Dive into Movement

 ​Deep Dive into Mindset

 ​Uplevel 4 pillars

 ​Protect yourself from Endocrine & Hormone Disruptors

Free Gift #1: The Overwhelmed Woman's Guide To Balancing Her Hormones

I wrote this based on my own personal experiences of how I got through the most overwhelming and stressful time in my life by rebalancing my hormones AND the experience I had teaching other overwhelmed women to do the same thing.
This is a deep dive into what causes hormonal imbalances, exactly how they affect us and how to treat them safely and naturally yourself.

Free Gift #2: Fire Flow Challenge Book

Did you know that the majority of research and testing of fitness and wellness programs are done on men; and women's bodies are biochemically different than men?
The male hormone cycle runs in a 24 hour pattern that allows for consistent intensity in daily and weekly fitness. However, the female hormone cycle runs over an average of 28 days, ebbing and flowing with various levels of hormones and a metabolism that slows down and speeds up throughout the cycle.
This makes the typical workout program not only much more beneficial to men, but actually works against the female hormonal rhythm and causes plateaus and regressions when it comes to our health and fitness results!
In the Fire Flow Challenge Book, I will reveal how and more importantly WHEN to workout around your period to combat:

 ​Brain fog


 Constant cravings

 ​Instability to lose weight

 ​Excess weight around your belly

 ​Skin struggles

 ​Extreme PMS

 ​Irregular period

 ​Insomnia or night sweats


Free Gift #3: Balance Your SSHE Goal Tracker


Free Gift #4: The Balance Your Hormones Recipe Bundle

 10 Hormone Healthy Recipes For Busy Families

 ​10 Happy Hormone Snacks That Don’t Suck

 ​10 Kid Hormone Healthy, Kid Friendly Recipes That Picky Eaters Will Love

 ​10 Hormone Healthy Crock Pot Recipes To Warm The Soul


Free Gift #5: Balance Your SSHE Planner

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