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Hello? Where Did My Libido Go?

Season #1 Episode #20

Ok sisters…just you, me and the several thousand other pre menopausal women who know EXACTLY what I am talking about, are going to get closer today. If you have noticed a dip in your sex drive, wondering what has happened to your libido and if hormones are the culprit, then this is the episode for you. As always I will keep it VERY real: what the common causes of low libido in peri and post menopause are (bc YES it is a thing) and what you can do to start to improve it…and let me tell you sister…YES you should improve it…we KNOW that PLEASURE is in short supply these days and yet it is a critical part of lowering cortisol and therefor creating space for hormone balance and weight release in the body. Ready to dive in? Let’s do this girlfriends!

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