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My NEW Fav Simple & Effective Tool To Help balance Your Hormones Stat

Season #1 Episode #16

When you are struggling with all of the symptoms of a hormonally imbalanced body (which by the way is a common part of going through perimenopause) one of the first steps I focus on for myself and my clients is to manage blood sugar levels. Choosing nutrition that creates consistent blood sugar in the body will improve sleep, reduce cravings and fatigue, reduce cortisol and give the body the space it needs to metabolize and balance our hormones themselves…keeping all of those terrible symptoms away…not to mention aid our bodies in shifting from fat storage to fat burning…sounds pretty great right?!? Although managing your blood glucose on your own is possible, I have fallen in love with an amazing tool called a Continuous Glucose Monitor (or CGM) from a company called Nutrisense which you wear on your body and not only gives you immediate feedback on how your specific blood sugar is being affected by your food choices, but also how to improve energy, sleep, fitness and therefore results. On this episode of the pod,  I am fortunate enough to have the amazing Catherine Staffieri, a nutrition and glucose expert and registered dietician with Nutrisense, to chat about the impact of glucose on hormones, perimenopause and menopause, weight loss and the incredible benefits of using a CGM as a tool to help you feel your best.


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