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When (And How) To Prioritize Your Hormonal Health For Best Results

Season #1 Episode #13

On this episode of The Period Whisperer Podcast I am going to address the question of WHEN…

...when is it the best time to start prioritizing your hormonal health so that it is the easiest on YOU to stay consistent, so that you get the BEST results, so that you get ahead of greater hormonal dysfunction?

When we choose the RIGHT time to begin focusing on our hormonal health and balancing our hormones…especially during the perimenopause and menopause years when we are constantly battling overwhelm in life, it can feel like the difference between riding an escalator and riding one going in the wrong direction.

Hormonal balancing can be simple…but HARD if you take the steps at the wrong time. So let’s dive in and let me walk you through how to make it simple AND as easier for you. 


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