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Ep 73: Is it perimenopause, or is it something else?

Season #1

Before I knew what perimenopause was, the symptoms I had in my body and how I felt had me concerned it was something much more life threatening. On this episode you will learn how to know if you are in perimenopause or menopause and the first 2 steps if you are suffering. The Perimenopause Posse is OPEN for enrollment!   ✅ learn the strategy to HEAL your hormones and stop suffering from perimenopause ✅ access dozens of bonus trainings, hacks and recipes to help you feeling BOMB 💣 as you ride the wave toward menopause ✅ get your individual questions answered and accountability on LIVE coaching calls ✅ stop feeling like 💩   More details here:    OR Apply for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation Here:   To grab my Hormone Healing Walking Meditation Series for FREE simply rate and review this podcast, take a pic of your review and send it to me at on Insta DM's tag me in a story, FB messenger or just via email at [email protected]!


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