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Ep 79: Muscle does NOT burn FAT in Perimenopause

Season #1

Have you heard this saying before? Is it the reason you keep pushing yourself in your hard workouts? If so, it is likely what is making you feel even worse during these hormonally shifting perimenopause years. I share all in this episode! The Perimenopause Posse is OPEN for enrollment! ✅ learn the strategy to HEAL your hormones and stop suffering from perimenopause ✅ access dozens of bonus trainings, hacks and recipes to help you feeling BOMB 💣 as you ride the wave toward menopause ✅ get your individual questions answered and accountability on LIVE coaching calls ✅ stop feeling like 💩 More details here:  OR Apply for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation Here: To grab my Hormone Healing Walking Meditation Series for FREE simply rate and review this podcast, take a pic of your review and send it to me at on Insta DM's tag me in a story, FB messenger or just via email at [email protected]!


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