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Ep 81: How To Come Back From Rock Bottom w/ Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Tiffany Carter

Season #1

When you don't have your health, you feel completely out of control, it feels like you don't have anything. But you can come back, stronger and better than ever.  This episode will give you the inspiration, purpose and first steps that you need to start.

My guest Tiffany Carter  is former broke TV Newscaster turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur. She is well-known for taking the mystery out of making big money online. Her speciality is teaching people how to monetize their passions, gifts, and expertise using the power of digital branding, and content marketing.   Tiffany is the Founder of the brand, the podcast, and her famous business coaching academy, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. Her entrepreneur and money mindset podcast is enjoyed by millions all over the world.    She has taught her proven online marketing and sales techniques to over 150,000 people worldwide ranging from small business owners to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Her Emotional Based Sales Techniques™ have generated over 220 million dollars in sales transactions.    Her bigger mission is to help rescue and rehabilitate women and children who have been sex-trafficked. She donates a significant portion of her time and corporate sales to help build safe houses, and empower women who have suffered trauma to find their voice and purpose in this chaotic world. 

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