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Ep 90: The Craving You Actually NEED In Perimenopause

Season #1

When we hear the work "cravings" we so often think food or drink...both of which can create an even deeper chaos in our hormonal crisis. But there is a type of craving that actually HELPS your hormones and is proven to significantly reduce stress in the body...ready to hear it?

My guest today is an expert on this topic Adrienne Hollister is the host of The Mid life cravings podcast where she redefines midlife. At 40 she found herself divorced and a single Mama. She did all-the-things in her 20's and 30's and found herself thinking, "Now what?!". On her podcast she openly shares her journey to find out and as details all that she craves (especially sex!). From relationships to divorce, dealing with dating, building confidence, giving less f*cks, she covers how to truly live your best authentic life and even shares all of her famous tips in the bedroom. I am so excited to share this interview with her today and get her advice on how to add more pleasure and indulge more cravings to our lives. 

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