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Ep 91: Fasting And Perimenopause...Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Season #1

It's a hot topic in the wellness industry...but is it right for you during such a hormonally shifting time? Catch this episode to learn the benefits and drawbacks and what you SHOULD do for optimal energy, health and weight release. ****************************************************************************** The doors to the Perimenopause Posse are OPEN for just 2 weeks and will close again for the next few months. Get the proven strategy you can TRUST to balance hormones and release weight along with hundreds of bonus trainings, live coaching and a community of wine to help make sure you never fail. 😘 💃 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Additional LINKS from the episode: 1. My no matter what morning greens habit: CODE BRIA for 15-20% off at checkout 2. Hormone Healing Analysis, The Perimenopause Posse or 1:1 Hormone Healing Coaching Application


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