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Ep 109: Why Regulating Blood Sugar Can Make Or Break Your Perimenopause

Season #2

Your FIRST line of defense for healing your hormones? Balancing Blood Sugar. In this episode I walk you through it and give you 5 tips + a BONUS tip to balance your blood sugar and create the space that your hormones are desperate for right now! **************************************************************************** CGM Episode: LEARN MORE: (Use Discount CODE BRIA25 for $25 off your first CGM) Connect with Bria: Join the Perimenopause Posse:  Apply for hormone healing and weight release coaching:    Get my 10 Hormone Hacks + Training The Period Whisperer's 10 Laws of Happy Hormones - A Free Guide Get my EVERY DAY GREENS (use BRIA as a discount code at checkout for 15-20% off!!!) 


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