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Ep 119: When People Question Your Desire To Change

Season #2

I felt SUPER uncomfortable...what was I going to say when my family member asked me why I wasn't going to have a drink? Or worse, if they told me I should just relax and that one wouldn't hurt, that I deserved it, that I should worry about my body...Has this ever happened to you? When our well meaning loved ones question our desire to change habits that we KNOW are going to make us feel can be hard. But in this episode I share my 2 key strategies that help me every time!  ************************************************************************ ANNOUNCING! [NEW LIVE training] 4 Proven Steps to Calm Your Hormonal Chaos and Shift into Fat Burning In Perimenopause. When: July 28th 9-10am PST LINK for tickets: What you get: Learn the first steps to get you out of hormonal chaos and into fat burning mode in perimenopause. What you'll get: Live & Recorded Access To This Brand New 1 Hour Training BONUS #1 - The Stressed Woman's Guide To Results In Perimenopause BONUS #2 - Happy Hormones Grocery List & Meal Plan Connect with Bria: Apply for hormone healing and weight release coaching:  Join the Perimenopause Posse:    Get my 10 Hormone Hacks + Training The Period Whisperer's 10 Laws of Happy Hormones - A Free Guide Get my EVERY DAY GREENS (use BRIA as a discount code at checkout for 15-20% off!!!) 


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