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Ep 124: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Perimenopause OH MY w/ Top Fertility Coach Elizabeth King

Season #2

This one is for all of the incredible mamas out there who are either trying to or have brought life into the world in their perimenopause years - over the age of 35. I have an incredible expert and guest on this episode to help you better understand and manage your hormones during this time!  Recognized as one of the top fertility coaches in the world, Elizabeth has helped women of all backgrounds in more than 20 countries conceive naturally through 1:1 coaching & become Certified Fertility Coaches. Also supporting clients through IVF, early pregnancy PTSD, miscarriage, & new parenting. Learn more from Elizabeth here: Instagram:  Website:  ********************************************************************************** >> HEAD HERE TO TAKE THE FREE QUIZ AND FIND OUT OF PERIMENOPAUSE IS BEHIND YOUR SYMPTOMS AND STUBBORN WEIGHT GAIN Have you ever wondered if your workouts or nutrition plans were at the source of your growing belly? I didn't until I did. Tune into this episode and I will share with you exactly why my workouts and nutrition plans were the source of my hormonal chaos and weight gain, and of course, what to do about it to get back to fat burning stat!  The thought of weight release can be super daunting…where do you start? Will anything work bc of your age and hormones? Why is there so many conflicting protocols and advice out there? I have been there more times than I can count in my life and let me tell you sister, I am not going to leave you there in overwhelm any more. Take my hand and let me walk you through the 3 phase process I do every time I want to create change in my body, particularly during perimenopause when the shifting of hormones make traditional methods of weight loss complete bunk. So if you are ready to stop floundering and being lost, and you know you want changes in your body, grab something to take notes with and let’s dive into this episode. Rate, Review and Follow on Apple Podcasts “I had no idea and am learning so much from Bria on The Period Whisperer Podcast.” <— If that sounds like you , please consider rating and reviewing this show! This helps me support more women just like you move toward the results and life they want. Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with 5 stars, and select “Write a Review.” Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode! Also if you haven’t done so already follow the podcast so you never miss out! Follow Now! I have a BIG announcement coming in August that you WONT want to miss!


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