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Ep 132: Tips That Work When You Are Struggling With Motivation & Accountability In Perimenopause

Season #2

When you are in midlife, your todo list is overflowing and your hormones are running wild and you are desperate to change but can't seem to find the motivation, inspiration or accountability to follow through and make the changes you need to make than this episode is for YOU. Tune in to learn: 1. How to light your own inspiration on fire 2. How to keep your motivation stoked 3. How to stay consistent so that you get results  Doors are OPEN for the brand new signature course Midlife Mojo here: It is a 12 week course that we will commit to together and it is designed to: 1. Get You Out Of Hormonal chaos (including mood swings, night sweats & heavy periods),  2. Eliminate and Heal Inflammation in your body (no more bloating, brain fog, exhaustion and cravings) Optimize your Metabolism (bring on the energy!)  3. Shift into Fat Burning Mode (hello results so you will Release The Weight….and guess what? I am guaranteeing it.  Start shifting into fat burning NOW! Lock in your results NOW!


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