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Ep 134: How & Why You Must Prioritize Your Health As A Woman NOW w/ author & researcher Susan Salenger

Season #2

This is an IMPORTANT episode.  If you have ever felt confused, pressured, dismissed or embarrassed about your health and how you are feeling this episode is for you. It is FULL of important research and information on the many ways in which some women manage and sometimes mismanage their health and healthcare. In this beautiful conversation with Susan Salenger we discover so many important tips and takeaways about our health as women.  Susan Salenger is the author and researcher behind the brilliant book, Sidelined: How Women Can Navigate a broken healthcare system. Sidelined examines the many ways in which some women manage and sometimes mismanage their health and healthcare.  Her research explores how women who are typically the medical gatekeepers for their families, tend to be extremely conscientious about taking care of themselves, yet at the same time inadvertently undermine their own care. Susans research reveals how conflicted many women are about getting help for our health and the medical decisions they ultimately make. Learn more from Susan here: Website: Tiktok: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Doors are OPEN for the brand new signature course Midlife Mojo here: It is a 12 week course that we will commit to together and it is designed to: 1. Get You Out Of Hormonal chaos (including mood swings, night sweats & heavy periods),  2. Eliminate and Heal Inflammation in your body (no more bloating, brain fog, exhaustion and cravings) Optimize your Metabolism (bring on the energy!)  3. Shift into Fat Burning Mode (hello results so you will Release The Weight….and guess what? I am guaranteeing it.  Start shifting into fat burning NOW! Lock in your results NOW!


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