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Ep 148: Reconnecting With Your Libido w/ Somatic Embodiment Coach Amanda Testa

Season #2

How is your libido? How is your connection with your sexuality in your body? Maybe you are feeling completely disinterested? Maybe you are always feeling too tired or too bloated or too frustrated to indulge this side of yourself? Maybe you wonder if you just aren’t a very sexual person or if something is wrong with you, or maybe you you say something to yourself that I used to say all of the time which is “if I just lost the weight, or just felt better about my body, I would feel more comfortable being intimate…”

These are important questions and no matter what you are feeling, I can promise it is normal, and it’s even more normal for this to come up in perimenopause because of the impact on our brains and bodies with the shifting of these hormones… If this resonates then this episode is for YOU.

Tune in to learn:

1. Whether your low libido is hormonal or something else

2. How to create space for your libido to come back

3. How to begin to stoke that fire again


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