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Ep 150: Is Hypnotherapy The Answer To Your Weight Struggles In Perimenopause w/ Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Julie Costa

Season #2

Are you aware of any self sabotage cycles that you may have? Before I lost myself deep in the hormonal chaos of my own perimenopause, I used to have this cycle where I would mentally commit to myself on a Sunday night or at the beginning of a month or even New Year where I would make all of these plans to go all in on a fitness program and nutrition plan, AND work goals and life goals all surrounding the amazing human I wanted to be, I would set my alarm for 4:30 am and then go go go all day, ignoring the needs of my body to accomplish my goals, and without fail, by Thursday I would be so burnt out that I would land myself deep in a bag of chocolate chips in the pantry followed by a stomach ache and the ensuing shame that came with it - rinse and repeat.

My hustle addiction ran deep as a key player in my self sabotage cycle and although I have since learned that the monthly shifting of our hormones play a role, and understanding and honoring those can make a huge difference in our ability to be consistent toward out goals…after working with thousands of women on this, I know that it isn’t just our hormones, sometimes it is our subconscious programing, can you relate? If so, THIS episode is for you!

Tune in to learn:

1. What Hypnotherapy Is

2. Why It Might Be The Answer To Your Hormonal Symptoms

3. Steps You Can Take At Home To See If It Can Help You


Julie Costa is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trainer, and the founder of Anchored Coaching Certification Program. As a Coach and Hypnotherapist, Julie helps you achieve your goals quicker & faster with hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming. As an NLP Trainer, Julie teaches, trains & certifies you in the transformative mindset tools that she uses with clients so that you can pair them with your incredible expertise & skills to help your clients achieve their goals quicker & faster!

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