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Ep 151: The ULTIMATE Hormone Hack You Need For Weight Release In Perimenopause

Season #2

Do you ever wonder what you are missing? Like you are doing something wrong and if you could just find the answer, the secret, the medication, the perfect supplement, that you would finally feel better? Or maybe that it is JUST YOU. That feeling you can start to have when you have felt badly for so long, that hopelessness feeling where you wonder if this is just going to be how you feel for the rest of your life. It’s hard, it’s dark, and I have been there…and the truth was, I WAS missing something, and it was A BIG thing, and I have seen it again and again in my clients.

Tune in to this episode To Learn:

1. What you, me, and most women are missing that is keeping them stuck.

2. The tool I use that get’s us unstuck

3. The Ultimate Hormone Hack You Need  

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