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Ep 154: 3 Tools To Shift Out Of Fat Storage Mode & Hormonal Chaos In Perimenopause w/ Physical Therapist Chantal Donnelly

Season #2

Do you feel like you are gaining weight overnight?

Or maybe your perimenopause symptoms are keeping you stuck because you don’t have enough energy to go after the weight loss goals or life goals that you want.

Stress plays a HUGE roll in how our hormones can make us feel, as well as our ability to achieve our weight loss or muscle gain goals in perimenopause.    

Tune In To This Episode To Learn:  

1. What is the relationship between stress and menopause

2. How it affects you and your hormones

3. 3 tools you can do today to help you shift out of fat storage mode in perimenopause  

Chantal is a physical therapist and author of the Amazon best-selling book Settled: How to Find Calm in a Stress-Inducing World. She is also the owner of Body Insight, a wellness company designed to help people reconnect with their bodies and improve their health. She combines her anatomy and physiology knowledge and experience with nervous system science to help people with chronic pain, overwhelming stress, and stress-related illnesses. Through videos, workshops, and her book, Chantal teaches body-focused tools for calming the nervous system. She believes that stress fluency can make the world a better place      

Learn More From Chantal Here:    

WEBSITE: https://www.bodyinsight.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BodyInsightInc/

GRAB HER BOOK HERE: https://www.bodyinsight.com/the-book        


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