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Ep 158: Hidden Toxins In Tampons, Pads, Cups + Underwear That Are Making Your Perimenopause Worse w/ CEO and Founder of Tampon Tribe Jennifer Eden

Season #2

Are your period products causing your PMS pain? Infertility? Perimenopause symptoms?

Unless you are ordering CERTIFIED 100% organic cotton and plastic free products…the answer is YES.

Ready to learn more? (And also help save the planet?!?!?)  

Tune in To learn:

1. What toxins are hidden in your period products

2. How they are impacting your hormones (and making things worse)

3. What you can do about it that is simple  

Jennifer Eden is the visionary founder and CEO of Tampon Tribe, a company at the forefront of sustainable and organic personal care and period products. At Tampon Tribe, Jennifer's commitment to sustainable business practices has led to remarkable success. The company, known for its zero-plastic, completely organic products, has achieved an average annual growth rate of 483%, underscoring Jennifer's adeptness in blending ethical responsibility with entrepreneurial success.  

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