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Ep 159: What You NEED To Know About Perimenopause (That No One Is Telling YOU)

Season #2

A simple way to understand what you NEED to know about perimenopause that is keeping you stuck, lost and frustrated.

Did you know that at 37, when perimenopause hit me HARD, I was working out 6 days a week, eating clean and gained 15lbs, had terribly heavy period and PMS, woke up every night multiple times in a sweat and couldn’t make it through the day without a nap?

I spent so much time, energy and money trying to feel better, only for every day to feel worse than the day before.

One of the biggest mistakes I made during this low point in my life is that I had NO idea what perimenopause even was and just kept doing what had worked for me before. It was a valuable lesson I learned the hard way sister, and I don’t want it to take you the same 3 years it took me to figure it out.

Since then, I like to share the TRUTH about perimenopause so that other women understand why nothing that used to work is working, and so that you don’t have to stay in this ‘stuckiness.’ I walk you through the TRUTH about perimenopause in this episode so that you can start to make sense of why you are feeling the way that you do….and from here, we can heal!

Tune In To Learn:

1. What perimenopause really is and why it derails most women (and doesn’t have to)

2. Why your healthcare practitioner is still saying you are fine, when you don’t feel fine.

3. The path you have to take if you want to feel better.


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