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Ep 166: Better Sleep, Better Orgasms + More Energy and Joy In Perimenopause w/ Sober Coach Casey Davidson

Season #2

How does your body feel about drinking alcohol? If you’re someone who drinks either occasionally or maybe more often than you’d like, have you noticed any changes in your bodies reaction, the impact it might have on your sleep on your digestion, on your energy as you go through these hormonally shifting years? Maybe you haven’t noticed anything at all.

Have you found yourself wondering if alcohol is something that’s not serving you? Or keeping you small? I ask these questions because these are questions I ask myself often and have throughout my life.

We are talking about ALL of this and more including how your life and hormones are being impacted by alcohol, how hard giving up it can be and everything in between.

Tune in to learn from the amazing Casey Davidson:

1. How alcohol may be holding you back that you don’t even realize

2. Is alcohol keeping you from being truly happy?

3. How long it feels hard to take a break from alcohol

4. Strategies to begin to explore being ‘soberish’

Casey McGuire Davidson is a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of the Top 100 Mental Health Podcast, The Hello Someday Podcast for Sober Curious Women with 1.2MM downloads. As an ex-red wine girl who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of wine, Casey’s passionate about helping busy women stop drinking and create lives they love without alcohol. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, NBC News and over 70 sobriety, motherhood, mental health and wellness podcasts and publications.

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