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168: From Anxious, Exhausted & Stuck To Feeling Like A Million Bucks with Christine Firth

Season #2

At 45 Christine was struggling with night sweats, anxiety, she was freezing cold all day and had tried everything. Gone to all of the doctors, naturopaths and had all of the tests and was feeling very stuck and frustrated with no answers to be found.


Tune in to this interview to hear:

How joining Midlife Mojo and focusing on healing and supporting her hormones helped her to sleep peacefully, release weight, find calm and get her life back!




How To Release Weight, Gain Energy, & Heal Your Hormones In Perimenopause (Without overwhelm or failure)


Learn: 1. The game-changing strategy you can use right now to move away from hot flashes, sleepless nights, exhausted afternoons filled with cravings and weight loss efforts that aren’t working, and move you toward healing, energy and weight release in perimenopause.

2. A simple to follow plan that will teach you how to feel better in your body within 5 days. That’s right, I’m giving away one of my juiciest hormone healing hacks within the first 5 minutes of this masterclass!

3. Uncover what is happening in your perimenopause body to understand why you are feeling frustrated, lost, stuck and overwhelmed in your weight loss journey.

4. Easy strategies to implement in your everyday life that will help you sleep well, wake up rested, energized, and always feel good in your clothes.

5. Clear guidance on how to heal your hormones when you don't have a regular period or don't have a period at all

6. Learn the whispers of your body so you can get more results from your efforts  




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