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Ep 173: 5 Tips + Tools To Get Better Sleep In Perimenopause This Week

Season #2

Is there ANYTHING worse than not being able to sleep, especially when you are tired?

Insomnia, night wakings, night sweats, having to pee several times a night, anxiety…all of these things play a role in what is interrupting our sleep in perimenopause, and yet the energy demand of perimenopause means we actually NEED more sleep. PLUS enough good quality sleep is CRITICAL for brain function, energy stores, muscle repair, fat burning, hormone balancing and about a hundred other things. So we need more but are getting less.

If this is YOU tune in to this episode to learn:

1. Why sleep is harder in perimenopause

2. How to handle it when is cyclical and you wake up more during specific phases of your cycle

3. Why it is not always bc of perimenopause (and what else it could be)

4. 5 tips and tools to help you get a better sleep this week 


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