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Ep 174: How To Reduce Money Stress + Create Wealth In Perimenopause w/ Financial Literacy Coach Meaghan Keeven

Season #2

Medical research estimates as much as 90 percent of illness and disease is stress-related….and perimenopause symptoms and hormone imbalance fall into that category.

If STRESS is at the root of our challenges in perimenopause (and it IS) then looking at the cause of that stress is the path back. One of the key stress faucets of life are finances and money. Ironically a topic as taboo as perimenopause.

So if that is one of the things causing you stress OR you just KNOW you want to learn more about how to feel safe and thriving in your finances, then this episode is for you!

Tune in to learn:

1. What women in midlife should be prioritizing to optimize their finances

2. How to begin to build AND conserve wealth in midlife

3. How to know where you are at with money right here and now

4. How to begin to repair your money mindset

Meaghan Keeven is a Financial Literacy Coach and PowerHouse in the Financial Industry. A beacon of light for women seeking Financial liberation, Meaghan is the dynamic founder of The Era of Women and Wealth - an all-female wealth led initiative that stands at the intersection of empowerment and economic independence. Backed by her robust credentials, including her Series 7 & 66 licenses and being CFP-enrolled, Meaghan goes beyond conventional financial advice. She doesn't just guide; but she educates and empowers too. From her early 20s, beginning as a passionate investor, Meaghan has seamlessly ascended the ranks to become a pillar of financial expertise, overseeing multimillion-dollar portfolios with precision and dedication. But it’s not just the numbers that underline her expertise; it’s the transformative journeys of her clients. Under her guidance, they’ve turned financial uncertainties into concrete results. Each story is a testament to Meaghan’s profound impact: lives touched, futures secured, and dreams realized. With Meaghan’s direction, clients discover the pathways to wealth, while transforming their entire relationship with money. They begin to see money not just as currency, but as a tool for crafting lives of impact, choice, and freedom. If you've ever thought about the true essence of wealth, Meaghan Keeven is the embodiment of it – not just in financial metrics but in the profound impact she makes every day. She's not just a financial advisor; she's a movement. And once you've heard her, you'll find yourself thinking, 'I absolutely need to work with this badass.

Learn more from Meaghan here:

Instagram: @women_and_wealth



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