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Ep 182: ADHD in Perimenopause w/ Certified Brain Health Professional Christine MacCarroll

Season #2

More and more in my practice I’ve been connecting with women who have had recent diagnosis of ADHD much later in life this can be really overwhelming especially during the time when we’re already super overwhelmed. So whether you, have wondered if you have ADHD, have been diagnosed with ADHD, have a child or someone you know in your life with ADHD, you’re not gonna want to miss this episode with my friend, and amazing human Christine MacCarroll.


Tune in to learn:


1. How an ADHD diagnosis have been on the rise for women in perimenopause

2. How it shows up including some of the positives

3. What you can do to support your unique brain in perimenopause


Christine MacCarroll is a Functional Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition(™), and a Certified Brain Health Professional. She’s also a woman with late-diagnosed ADHD, and mom to a daughter with ADHD. After helping her then-2-year-old daughter overcome a neurological speech disorder using nutritional therapy, she realized the assembly-line style, one-size-fits-all, “pill for every ill” model of modern healthcare was better suited for factories than families. Sadly most doctors have little to no training on true healing. So she rebelled . . . and has helped hundreds of women recover mood, energy, and mojo, and clearing up brain fog and ADHD symptoms along the way.


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IG: @christine.maccarroll



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