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Ep 184: How To Find Your Positive Spark Again In Perimenopause w/ Clinical Counselor and Positive Psychologist Michelle Fraley

Season #2

Are you feeling a little less happy these days? Like maybe you are missing your spark, or can’t seem to find the positivity that you used to have now that you are in perimenopause? The shifting of your hormones in midlife can absolutely play tricks on your mindset and have you seeing rain cloud instead of rose colored glasses. So if you are missing the happier side of life and are wondering what to do about it, this episode if for you where I dive into all of this and more with clinical counselor and certified confidence and positivity coach, Michelle Fraley.  

Tune in to learn:


  1. Why it can feel more challenging to be positive in perimenopause
  2. How to find happiness again in the little micro joys of your life
  3. How to begin to show up for yourself including 5 specific, easy to do steps


Michelle Fraley, MA, WPCC is a clinical counselor, certified holistic life coach, yoga/ meditation teacher and speaker. Michelle is also a certified confidence coach and believes that confidence creates a foundation for living with authenticity and purpose. She has been featured in Yahoo, Women's Health, NBC, UpJourney, Bustle and Cosmopolitan. Michelle works as an Integrative Wellness Specialist at Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona and also runs a private practice where she specializes in positive psychology, personal growth, confidence and helping her clients cultivate balance in their busy lives.


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