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Ep 206: How To Know What You Want + Get What You Want In Perimenopause w/ Manuela Powell

Season #3

Ep: How To Know What You Want + Get What You Want In Perimenopause


Have you been finding yourself feeling frustrated, stuck or unfulfilled in midlife? Maybe you are starting to wonder if you even know who you are or what you want. Or MAYBE you have realized that you have checked ALL of the boxes, but you are still feeling unfulfilled. Whether you are living on autopilot and starting to wake up and wonder what more that there is, you are not alone. I had to ask my friend and cancer surgeon turned life coach for midlife women, Manuela Powell to come on the show and share her expertise on how to start living your most outrageously real years of your life. 



Tune In To Learn


  1. Why midlife can have you asking “who am I?”
  2. How culture is keeping you stuck with your internal patriarchy
  3. The first steps to start finding yourself, what you want and start to get it


Dr. Manuela Powell is a life coach for midlife women who are ready to start living the sparkliest, most outrageously real years of their lives. After finally getting the memo that she was queer at the tender age of 47, she realized most women could use some help to come out of whichever BS closet they've been stuck in forever, so she took upon herself to be their soul fluffer. For almost 20 years, Manuela was a breast cancer surgeon, but after having her second child she decided she wanted to free herself from endless work hours, toxic work environments, and unflattering scrubs. She put away her scalpel to, instead, dissect women’s minds and help them excise the “shoulds”, "musts", and “not-good-enoughs” from their brains forever, so they can be stop people-pleasing and learn to fully trust themselves, to the horror of the patriarchy police. She's a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and after living in NYC, Washington, DC, and Hawai'i, she currently calls Austin, Texas her home, as a single mama to her 2 sons. She dances every day, curses like a sailor who stubbed his toe, and doesn't give a single crap to people who think she should behave her age.


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