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Ep 204: How To Prioritize Pleasure, Play and Passion In Perimenopause w/ Penny van der Sluys

Season #3

Have you ever watched the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’? If so, you know the part where Sally fakes an orgasm in a restaurant and a female patron is overheard saying “I’ll have what SHE is having!” This is the feeling we all know so well when we have been starved for pleasure in our lives, and not just sexual pleasure, but pleasure, play and passion of all kinds. These are key pieces to our puzzle in perimenopause but it’s not always that easy, evening remembering what makes us joyful or brings us pleasure just as we are can be a challenge.


Finding aliveness again in pleasure, play and passion has been a massive part of getting back to thriving in perimenopause for me so I had to have my friend and pleasure expert, Penny van der Sluys on the show to talk about pleasure and how to get turned back on in life.



Tune In To Learn


  1. How to know if missing pleasure in life is keeping you stuck
  2. Why pleasure can feel so hard
  3. How to start to prioritize pleasure in your life again


Penny van der Sluys is a pleasure activist, feminine empowerment coach, conscious creatrix, soul-led connector and podcast host. She invites women to prioritise pleasure, play and passion, and discover their powerful, untapped sensual, sexual and feminine energy so they can feel confident, free and in love with their body and life. She creates unique, empowering spaces, programs and events for women in their midlife and beyond, to reclaim the feminine, explore their sexy, sensual side, discover a new way of being in sisterhood, and establish a powerful relationship with Mother Nature.


Learn more from Penny here:


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