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Ep 186: Gut Dysfunction & Diet Culture In Perimenopause & How To Start To Heal w/ Functional Practitioner & Nurse Practitioner Taylor Knese

Season #2

Are you struggling with digestive issues, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, not feeling energized even when you feel like you are eating whole foods? The health of your gut is SO key and very much connected to the hormones that are in shifting in perimenopause…and diet culture has played a role in how we nourish our gut to support our hormones. 

So if you are wondering how to support your gut health or what is the root issue of your tummy troubles, this episode if for you where I dive into all of this and more with board certified nurse practitioner and functional practitioner, Taylor Knese.

Tune in to learn:

  1. How gut dysfunction shows up in perimenopause
  2. The important question you need to ask if you are eating clean, whole foods and still struggling with how you feel
  3. The impact of Diet Culture and calorie restriction on your gut in perimenopause, and where to start to heal


Taylor is a board certified nurse practitioner who decided after her own health struggles to help other women rewrite their health story with the power of functional medicine. Taylor specializes in gut healing. She performs in depth gut testing and creates targeted healing protocols. She truly believes that a healthy gut is the single most important health asset any woman can have! Her goal is to teach women how to heal themselves so they can share their wisdom and strength with others.

Learn More From Taylor HERE:

IG: mod_healthco 


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