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Ep 188: The Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Their Fitness Routines In Perimenopause w/ Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Kindal Boyle

Season #2

Are you working out but not seeing results from your fitness? Is your body holding you back from your life or maybe you are noticing that your body can’t do what it used to in daily life or in your fitness? Fitness is a key part of aging well and thriving in perimenopause and beyond, but it can feel so confusing as we go through the perimenopause transition.


So if you are wondering how to use fitness to feel your best in this season, whether your goal is fat burning, muscle building or just functional living, I cover it all in this episode with the amazing Kindal Boyle whose energy and 17 years of experience in women’s health and fitness, does not disappoint!


Tune in to learn:


  1. One of the biggest mistakes women make in their fitness in perimenopause
  2. How many days per week you should move your body each week and how much rest you need
  3. If you need to change your fitness routine in perimenopause to get results



Kindal is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach that has spent over 17 years focused on teaching women a real and manageable approach to building strength, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. She runs FitWomensWeekly, an online training studio with her husband in Charleston, SC. Talk about podcast


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