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Ep 194: Codependency in Perimenopause, What You Need To Know w/ Certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and life coach Jennifer Kenney-Smith

Season #2

Whether you have heard the term codependency before or have never heard. Whether you have identified as a people pleaser or ‘good girl’ if you any of these terms resonate AND you are dealing with perimenopause symptoms, this episode is for you where I interview Certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and Life coach Jennifer Kenney-Smith who beautifully shares her story of codependency, how perimenopause helped her change her story and begin to heal with the messages from her body. 


Tune In to Learn:


  1. What is codependency and how it shows up in perimenopause
  2. Why perimenopause brings so much to the surface emotionally
  3. How to begin to heal and properly breathe



Jennifers BIO


Surrendering is a choice that took years of work of shedding layers of heartbreak and trauma that kept me in a deep darkness and pain. It took many years of aching, yearning, and praying for a change. I pretended I was okay, and lied to myself often because I honestly didn’t know how deeply trauma and codependency was interwoven into the fabric of my life. During my darkest point, of my worst heartbreak – I was introduced to yoga and began a deep discovery of myself. I found the practice to be truly life changing. Since starting yoga, I’ve healed codependency of people, and alcohol, overcame anxiety, depression & panic attacks. I also worked with a life coach to help me remove my limiting beliefs and repair my low self worth that kept me stuck in a cycle of toxic people and self hatred of my body and myself. Over time, I was able to heal emotional and physical trauma in my body through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and I healed spiritually through the path of surrendering to my Creator’s love and forgiveness. This was the only way to fill the giant hole in my soul – a path of surrender is truly how all my suffering came to an end. I’ve rediscovered my inherent worth, and have forgiven those who have hurt me the most – including myself. Today I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, a Life coach and I lead transformational retreats and am incredibly passionate about helping my students heal their mind, body & soul. I believe all suffering is a choice, and every human deserves to experience love at the highest level, free of pain. I invite you to begin your journey of discovering you today by beginning in one of my Yoga classes, Master Classes, Coaching, Workshops or retreat. You are worthy of healing and deserve the deepest level of love.




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